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George Harrison

Jimmy Agnew

In the fall of 1984 Jim Stewart, then President of the PPBSO Niagara-Hamilton Branch and Jimmy Agnew decided that there should be a premiere snare drumming contest in Ontario. At that time a man, well known as a supporter of the PPBSO and the Niagara-Hamilton Branch, named George Harrison had just passed.


George had worked tirelessly as a volunteer in both the PPBSO parent body and the Niagara-Hamilton branch. He also helped various bands in the area such as Glenmore, Waterloo Police and Erskine. The newly created contest was named "George Harrison Memorial Invitational Drumming Contest".  The first contest was held in March of 1985.


In 2005 Jimmy Agnew's name was added to the contest. Jimmy was a drummer, teacher, adjudicator and mentor. As a life long member of the Niagara-Hamilton Branch, Jimmy was pleased to see the contest name change happen during his lifetime. Although Jimmy Agnew passed in 2007, he left us with a wonderful legacy!


Every year invitations are sent out to the best drummers in North America to compete at this prestigious event.

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